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Appellate Practice

Kentucky Appellate Attorneys

Appellate practice often presents unique challenges to both attorneys and their clients. Most often, an appeal is taken after a formal judgment has been rendered. Hopefully, appellate counsel's task is to repel the attack launched against the verdict already rendered in his client's favor.

At times, though, counsel is confronted with various procedural and evidentiary rulings made in advance of an impending trial, which have the potential to significantly impact the course -- and the result -- of that litigation. But frequently, the challenge on appeal involves a far more difficult task; namely, explaining exactly how errors made in the trial court improperly tainted the outcome of those proceedings and why his client is entitled to relief from those mistakes.

Regardless of the circumstance in which an appeal is presented, though, appellate counsel must have a firm command of all phases of litigation, from the basics of appropriately pleading claims and defenses, to conducting written discovery and depositions, to pretrial motion and evidentiary practice and, perhaps most importantly, to actually trying a case before a jury. A working knowledge of and experience in each of those phases of practice is crucial to the successful prosecution or defense of any appeal. And we at Darby and Gazak, P.S.C., have that knowledge and experience. In particular, attorney Darby G. White handles a majority of our appellate work.

We are experienced trial attorneys and have successfully handled countless cases throughout each of those phases up to and throughout the trial process and on appeal. Our familiarity and understanding of the complex issues often involved in litigation allow us to identify, formulate and focus on the issues most important to securing the appropriate appellate outcome for our clients.

We are well-versed and proficient in all aspects of appellate practice and oral advocacy in both the state and federal systems. Our lawyers have intimate familiarity with the importance of reviewing and evaluating the manner in which a trial was conducted, identifying whether the lower court made appropriate pre-trial or other rulings which negatively affected the outcome of that trial, framing the issues on appeal and drafting concise briefs explaining the impact of those rulings and why the lower court's decisions should be affirmed or reversed, as the case may be.

We understand that effective representation of our clients runs the entire spectrum of litigation, including the appellate process. As a result, we are dedicated and devoted to effective advocacy on behalf of our clients at each of those levels, and have experienced, qualified and capable attorneys to suit whatever your appellate needs may be. If we can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact us today.

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