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Birth Injuries, Obstetrics & Orthopedics

Orthopedic Malpractice Defense Attorneys
Birth Injury Malpractice Lawyers

At Darby & Gazak, P.S.C., we devote much of our practice to defending doctors and other health care professionals and providers against claims of professional malpractice, particularly as relates to orthopedics and birth injuries. Our attorneys are aggressive litigators with advanced degrees that relate to their particular areas of practice.

We understand the critical nature of medical litigation. We are mindful that a lawsuit may result in a tarnished reputation, loss of license to practice, suspension of hospital privileges, or even loss of personal assets. Contact insurance defense firm Darby & Gazak to talk to an orthopedic malpractice defense attorney or birth injury malpractice lawyer, such as Darryl W. Darby, and for aggressive, knowledgeable legal representation.


  • Fractures (open and closed; resulting from accident or improper healing)
  • Facet nerve blocks for spinal problems
  • Disk herniations
  • Paralysis

Birth injuries

  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Hypoxic ischemia
  • Cerebral palsy (CP)
  • Erb's palsy
  • Nerve damage
  • Maternal death

There is documentation for all care that transpires in a hospital or clinic environment. To handle allegations of delivery room malpractice, wrongful death, or misdiagnosis, we gather records, review films, talk with the physician to gather facts, and obtain experts, all to determine that the standard of care was met. We will make inquiries to help determine if the patient was subjected to unreasonable risk, future surgeries, or additional expenses. We also utilize experts to determine whether other physicians would have made the same or similar choices under the circumstances.

Contact Darby & Gazak for lawyers committed to excellence and equipped with knowledge regarding the inner workings of a hospital, the use of drugs, understanding medicines, and patient care.

Darby & Gazak, P.S.C., in Louisville, Kentucky, represents clients in Louisville, Lexington, Owensboro, Bowling Green, Covington, Hopkinsville, Paducah, Ashland, Pikeville, and throughout Jefferson County, Franklin County, Fayette County, McCracken County, Warren County, Christian County, Kenton County, Davies County, and Henderson County.

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